Lemon and Ginger Tea

I hate being sick, that scratchy feeling in your ears and eyes, the weakness and lethargy. Once upon a time being sick would mean days off school in front of the cartoons but these days being sick sucks and just makes my list of things to do that much larger. So I’ve developed a little system to make me feel on top before the sickness can even take hold. As soon as I feel the vague itch, the nose drips anything it’s attack time.

My main weapons are Vitamin C and Echinacea, both of which you can pick up at the supermarket. If the sickness is winning, then Lemsip is a god, but what lies below sews it all together nicely and tastes pretty good too. Judging from my online interactions, I’m not the only fan out there too.

So hey there Lemon Ginger Tea, how do you work? Currently my Dad and I are working out the best method, but this is what I whipped up yesterday.

What you’ll need:
Fresh raw ginger
A couple of tea bags, preferable a lemon herbal of some description.

Cut your ginger into slices, I used about an inch and a half. Throw it into a pot. Then zest your lemons and squeeze the juice out. Fill the pot the pot with water until its about half full. I left in my squeezed out lemons which makes it kinda bitter, but thats purely up to preference.

Put the pot on the element and add in some honey. I used two spoonfuls. I do it at this stage because the honey slides off the spoon more easily.

Bring your pot to a full simmer, leave it doing its thing for half an hour or until it’s reduced and is looking a bit thicker. The longer you leave it, the more ginger you suck out.

When it’s looking fairly syrupy, take your pot off the heat and pour the contents into a coffee plunger. Add a couple of tea bags, you can use any but I used a chamomile and lemon balm one. Leave it to sit for a while – the longer the better, you could even make it and leave it over night.

When you’re ready to drink some, fill the plunger to the top with boiling water. Allow about 5-10 minutes and then plunge. I add the echinacea directly into my cup to add an extra kick of health.
After you’ve poured a cup you can pull the plunger up again and allow it to keep brewing away. It’s microwave friendly and can go all day!

Mmmm, warm, zingy, better making.
And for the health facts.
Lemon is great for stress and is a source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is involved in tissue growth and repair and can reduce the effects of a common cold/ kick it faster.
Ginger reduces inflammation and handily is also good for people with lame stomachs like me.
Echinacea is another awesome immune system supporter, you can use it to fight most infections, it won’t make it disappear but helps speed up the healing time and reduce symptoms!
Enjoy :-)


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