The Zoo

Yesterday we went to the Zoo. Now a certain person I know doesn’t think that Zoo’s are any fun once you’ve already been. That’s hogwash. There is so much new stuff at Auckland Zoo from since I last went that it was all excitement. Above is some of the photos my mother snapped. Obligatory Elephant shot with the sisters, teeny weeny Marmosets (they weigh the same amount as a cellphone!) this great porcupine that we spent quite a bit of time watching, the new New Zealand environments – Te Wao Nui, and a pretty damn fine Lion.

Te Wao Nui is awesome, it’s made up of six different New Zealand environments – Takutai (the coast), Moutere Rahui (the islands), Nga Repo (the wetlands), Te Po (the night), Te Wao Nui a Tane (the forest), and Whenua Waotu (the high country). Moutere Rahui was closed, and the Sea Lions were not on form, but the rest was great. The landscaping they’ve created for it is so spot on and beautiful. Big thumbs up from me!

Other highlights were watching the Otters fighting (so noisy, so hilarious), seeing the Red Panda running around like crazy, and general Zoo mayhem. And you know what? Going on a not so sunny Sunday is a great idea. The Zoo was pretty quiet and all for ourselves. Fantastic!


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