Things that are GOOD Friday: 15

‘We could just go to an actual ranch?’

‘No. That would not be the same.’


I’ve been a bit slack again. Oops. I’m sure it’s still Friday somewhere…

I’m currently writing this as I watch the boys playing Xbox, and while trying to convince myself to get up and get a drink as I’m really parched. You know what I’d kill for right now? A smoothie from Tank. Goddamn that would be good. If anyone wants to deliver some to me in Grafton I’d love you lots. Think about it as a pay it forward type thing.

So this week.

  • On Monday night we chilled out with the boys before they went to a stein, then Adam and I watched Source Code in bed. First off that movie is really really good. I highly recommend it, Jake Gyllenhaal and David Bowie’s son? Omnomnom. Also, I’ve wanted to make watching movies in bed a thing for so long. Now it’s a thing.
  • Tribes, Anya’s and Tyler St Garage on Wednesday night. Tribes was so good, it closes tonight so if you want to see it, well you know what you’re doing tonight.
  • Speaking of Tribes, my review of it was retweeted and generally read by a lot more people than normal. The same goes for my Marvelous Creations post. Thank you lots to anyone who actually reads this stuff, it makes me happy. Next step, commenters. WOAH. (doit)
  • Last Saturday we went to see Adventure Time at the movies. It was pretty funny, we all got given these Finn hats, so imagine a whole cinema with people wearing hats that look like this. They were just playing the DVD it turned out, but it was still worth it. If only for the look of excitement on Tom’s face at being in Sylvia Park.
  • On Thursday I worked until 6pm because I NEED to get rid of my massive backlog at work. This isn’t really that big a thing, but I was actually so productive. My goal is to clear my office by Wednesday arvo. Which if you follow me on instagram (username is madicattt) you’ll know is a heinous task.
  • Yesterday we had a workshop for Tell Tale Theatre company, I haven’t really mentioned it before but Tell Tale is my little baby, shared with some other pretty cool people and lead by the wonderful Ros Gardener. We’re working on a pretty big project and we’ve had a really exciting offer. I REALLY WANT IT TO HAPPEN. But we’ll see. Yep guys, I don’t just harp on about theatre, I occasionally participate in it as well.
  • Afterwards I went to Tom’s party. You know what, WHY IS AUCKLAND SO BLIMMIN SMALL? There were so many people I knew there from different places. It’s weird. But it was a really good time. Thanks Tom!
  • Watching video games. I actually really enjoy watching other people play games. Preferably games that have a good story. I spent this morning watching the boys playing Max Payne 3 (which is amazing) and now Adam’s playing Red Dead. It’s about cowboys. I think.

I don’t know why I’ve been referring to things I’ve done as ‘we’, because the ‘we’ is not consistent. But enjoy it. Go on. You know you want to.


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Curator of The Things That Are Good. Sharing the things that stand out in the worlds of theatre, food, beauty and style.
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