Griff, Dumb games in class, Blockade the budget

Blockade the budget, Animates, On the road

Whiritoa shenanigans, card games, dinner parties

Study notes, Griff being a pain in the ass, Alcohol poisoning

Lemon water, blue fingernails, Tyler St Garage

Watching the Blue Planet, Studying, Happy Ruby

Cleaning my wardrobe, sick Issy, Griff Williams getting in on the studying

Foolishly buying Sal’s for the boys

Belly dancing on Queen St, Apple Crumble, Quesadilla’s

Mind maps, Griff on my notes, completed mind maps

Face, Denim on Denim, Hairdressers

My man post hair cut, sky, freebies at work

Passion pop, treats at work, Adventure time

Burger fuel, end of exams, Marvellous creations

Crash 3, the Zoo, Dr. Seuss

Cupcakes, making Lasagne, Hans

Trapped by files, a nailpolish reunion, my officethe hallway outside my office, my office getting slightly better, lies from the rt hon JK.

More freebies, mmm roast lamb, bathtime

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I had a look at May’s post just before, just to refresh myself on the format of these monthly posts. You’d think I’d be able to remember, but the longer I do them, the more hard it gets to remember A. What I’ve done, and B. What goes in these posts. The weirdest thing is realizing that May’s post was written on the first day of my exams. I can’t believe it’s been a whole month since then.

June Highs: Finishing exams, getting some really tops assignment marks, finding some inspiration in things, and my baby Hero coming inside after 8 years of her refusing to come inside. Right now I’m chilling with Ruby (the dog), whilst Griff (my ginger baby cat) sits on one couch and Hero (my grey baby cat) sits on another. It’s a beautiful thing.

Guest June High is a surrogate high for my man who is interning at Rip It Up. It sounds awesome and I’m living vicariously through him. Another man related high is introducing Adam to sleep wear. It’s also a low because he’s adopted my new pj pants and my slippers as his own.

June Lows: Exams suck, but working full time is pretty soul destroying too. It’s made me realize that my major goal in life is to be able to work from home/ freelance or something similar. Is this the major goal of my generation? Sometimes it feels that way. Also, June meant it was time to let Mother Nature back into my life and the pink pills. Being a female doing her female business sucks. But hey, this gives me another three months or so of beautiful, chemical induced freedom. Thank god for the pill.

Great discoveries/ buys/ excitement: Peter Alexander was having a sale, meaning I got some pj pants for $30. I am so stoked. Also, there’s an ice skating rink in Aotea Square. We haven’t been yet. But goddamn am I excited to go.

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