Shortland Street Treats

Last week I ventured outside of the office to have a little taste of the cafes down the road. Somehow I hadn’t noticed one of them at all, the other I’d dismissed as a rather too naughty/ unnecessary treat. I’m talking about The Grassy Knoll and Kapiti Ice Cream Store on Shortland St.

The Grassy Knoll visit was only a pop in for a morning tea treat so I didn’t get to have a proper look at the menu, I did get to try a rather delicious piece of counter food though. Crunchy, chewy bread rolls filled with fancy insides like cheeses and cold meats. Obviously it’s my heaven. I picked up a breakfast roll and raspberry macaroon. The breakfast roll was delicious – egg and pastrami. Apparently the coffees are pretty serviceable too.

The prices are as to be expected, extravagant – $5 dollars for a small breakfast roll and $3 for a macaroon. Their fresh juices are a whopping $7. But I think I’ll be back, it reminded me of Domain and Ayr which is definitely a good thing and even if the food was plastic and only looked good… well the whole place looks so good that I just wanted to eat it with my eyes.

The next day Katie and I ventured down to get an ice cream from the Kapiti Ice Cream store. Needless to say it was delicious. I had the Hazelnut Chocolate Caramel and After Dinner Mint flavours. They were so good. I think it’s sort of dumb though that the Kapiti store doesn’t do coffee. I mean really, it’s irrelevant for me because I can’t drink the stuff, but you know. What if I did want to? And what if I wanted coffee on my ice cream? Yeah, yeah, less is more. But seriously, when you specialise in cheese and ice cream, just give the people some coffee!

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