Things that are GOOD Friday: 16


Last weeks things that are GOOD Fridays was posted on a Saturday, this weeks are being written on a Thursday night. See today/ tomorrow I’m off to Palliser Bay with my extended family. We’re heading off into the wilderness to celebrate my grandmothers 70th. I was quite excited until I found out that we’re not actually going to be in Palliser Bay and that there’s no signal down there. I endeavor to remain optimistic despite the fact that if the world decides to fall apart, a. I won’t know and b. if I do know I’ll probably be trapped. This feeling was accentuated after listening to the family talking about the earthquake on Tuesday. Apparently Otaki is pure, unadulterated liquefaction just waiting to happen. But it won’t. (smiles)

This week in goodness:

  • This week I decided that it was time to get my act together and start treating my body nicely. I’m using Rose from The Londoner’s ‘Anti Diet‘ as a guide to keep me on track and I mean, it’s called the Anti Diet for a reason. It truly is just being sensible and so far so good.
  • I finally have my office somewhat under control. It’s a beautiful feeling. I only wish that it could stay that way whilst I’m away. Dreams are free though.
  • Adam and I went to the media screening for Ted the other night. It was really hilarious in a really dirty Seth Macfarlane, Family Guy way. But it was great. I probably would never have paid to see it since it comes across as something that Macfarlane came up with when he was really high. But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t still splitting my sides and making me giggle something special. My favourite bit was watching Ryan Reynolds smile as a silent gay guy.
  • The fog. On Wednesday night I was walking home from the bus and I noticed that it was pretty foggy. The exact thoughts that came to mind were, ‘What, am I back in Hamilton?’ and it seems that maybe I was because the next day. BOOM. Fogmageddon. It was amazing driving out of town with fog so thick that we could barely see anything. In the fog the signs on the motorway looked like they were warning about ‘Foo’. That made us giggle.
  • 9 hours drives that don’t get boring. As my dear Father couldn’t come down I had the front seat to myself this trip. I tell you one thing, it makes a huge difference from being squished into the back with a BBQ underneath my feet.
  • Last but not least, it’s really nice to be down in Otaki. I can’t wait to get onto the beach and to see it in the cold, crisp sun light. I also am quite enchanted with the youngest on this side of the family, Bonnie. For a one year old that kid sure knows how to pose. Watch out agents, this German Maori beauty is going to rock people’s worlds.
  • I’m not sure how present I’ll be over the next couple of days as I’m going to be out in the wilderness, but I hope that everyone has a great weekend! (I’m hoping that this whole no reception thing is a big joke)
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