Old Mout Hot Berry Cider




In my last post I gushed about Mac’s Isaacs Winter Cider. I said it once and I’ll say it again, it’s a damn good beverage. You may have also noticed however that I mentioned that I’d been searching for the Old Mout Hot Berry Cider. With some excitement (and a bit of double look) I finally found a few bottles in the Otaki New World. Since it’s new it is being stocked at selected New Worlds/ Pak n Save. A word of advice though, if you’re in the supermarket it won’t be beside the rest of the ciders in the fridge, I found it amongst the reds.

Old Mout’s Hot Berry Cider is quite different from Isaac’s Winter Cider. But in a good way. While Isaac’s tastes all zingy and blackcurranty, the Hot Berry is very similar to Old Mout’s Boysencider (which I’d describe as tasting a bit like boysenberry ripple ice cream, mmm.) On the website, Old Mout describe the Hot Berry as tasting of full ripe, juicy berries combined with a slight granny smith apple pucker and a hint of spice and citrus. I think that’s pretty on form. Whilst the Boysencider has a deep rich berry taste to it, the Hot Berry is a bit lighter and tarter which cuts through the sweetness quite nicely.

I enjoyed the Hot Berry heated in a mug in the microwave for 40 seconds, tucked inside by the fire while we were down in Palliser Bay. Being in Palliser (one word – seals, more on this later) we were pretty isolated and I didn’t have many extra bits on hand, I can tell you truthfully though that it was pretty damn delicious all the same. Next time will be a different story though as I plan to fully deck out the serving suggestions. They recommend serving it alongside winter roasts, or beside cheeses (good idea) and suggest adding a few spices such as a cinnamon stick or vanilla pod, grated nutmeg or ginger, cloves, bay leaves. You get the picture. Utter wintery indulgence.

All in all, I’m a big fan of these winter ciders. You can pick up the Old Mout Hot Berry for about $9 and it comes in a 1.25l bottle. If I’ll be honest, I don’t think that I could pick a winner. There’s something innately classier about Old Mout to me and I think I may buy a few bottles to hide away for when I feel like something warm and soothing. But the Isaac’s is probably a bit more readily available for me (as I don’t live near a New World or Pak n Save).

And on a final note, I may have suggested to Old Mout that they release a Winter Cold Cider – Lemon, Ginger and Honey. One can hope right?


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