Things that are GOOD Friday: 18

Back at uni. I swear that every semester I get better at it, but want to cut to the chase more.

  • On Wednesday we went to The Dark Knight Rises midnight screening. It was a total win at the time, although with recent news it seems less so. Guns man. What the hell. But either way I really enjoyed it. Sure there are issues with it, but the entertainment factor is definitely there.
  • Last night Adam and I went to my friend Hala’s spoken word gig. Far out, I cannot even begin to put into words how good it was. The performers were all incredibly talented lyricists, poets, word smiths. I was totally inspired and I wish that I wasn’t so tired because other wise I could make better words. Please do more. You can read Hala’s stuff here. She’s talented.
  • $4 beers at a bar. Enough said.
  • I was in a really friendly mood last night and ended up meeting some girls whose blog I read/ they read mine. So holla to Kim and Lala from ’91 Ridges Club. Girls, I can’t link you up. Get back on the keyboard!
  • Homebrew. Homebrew was awesome. Blurry and I got really worried about losing Adam’s coat (which wasn’t actually lost go figure) but it was awesome. And thank you to Dion for the wine.
  • Today I went to this seminar with Doe Mayer from Hollywood Health and Society. She was talking about disseminating health information through popular entertainment – tv etc and it was fascinating. Apparently ER and SVU etc are very accurate. Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice are medically pieces of crap. Hollywood Health and Society link up medical writers for tv with medical experts. Awesome. Judith McCool and Sharon Brettkelly also spoke and the medical writer from Shortland St etc was there. I was tweeting from it so if you’re interested and are prepared for some scrolling you can find my twitter here.
  • Wynyard Quarter at night. Wynyard Quarter always.

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Curator of The Things That Are Good. Sharing the things that stand out in the worlds of theatre, food, beauty and style.
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One Response to Things that are GOOD Friday: 18

  1. 91dwntwn says:

    Nothing like cheap alcohol to make a week right! And cheers for the shout out :D – we just got back up on the interwebs here’s hoping wordpress is as easy as you say haha Lala x

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