Things that are GOOD Friday: 19


So this past week has been pretty good, so I figure I should get right into it before any last remaining Fridays end out there.

  • I’ve had really good responses to blog posts this week, particularly my one on Te Reo. I don’t think it’s good that I felt like I had to write it and I don’t think that the traffic which ended up on it got there from a positive place but thank you to everyone who read it and enjoyed it, and any other posts this week. I really appreciate it.
  • On Wednesday it was Maori day at uni. Somehow I totally missed that it was happening but managed to get to the Te Reo debate. It wasn’t really a debate as the panel were all pro actor Maori but it was hilarious. Boy oh boy can they talk. Thanks Willie Jackson, Hone Harawira, Julian Wilcox, Metiria Turei, John Tamihere and Moana Maniapoto for making me laugh lots while discussing something so important. I probably should have gone to Shadows that night though too.
  • On Thursday some packages finalllllly arrived including my eyelure Katy Perry lashes. They are amazing.
  • Also, Thursday meant David Dallas at Vesbar. It wasn’t as great venue/ drinks etc wise as Homebrew at Shadows was. (Outdoors and cold, eek) But the talent was on seriously on form. And Jesse Pinkman was there. It was a good night.
  • By that I’m obviously quite far through Breaking Bad. It is gooood.
  • Last night I went to Vivace for my good friend Matt’s 21st. The food was seriously yummy and the company was hilarious. If a bit crude at times. Anyone know the scientific name for Viagra? Micoxiflopin. Say it out loud. Thank you so much Matt, Averil and Roger for a great night.
  • The Olympics started today. I haven’t had a chance to watch the opening ceremony yet but I am quite excited. I’ve heard great things!!!

Now back to baking! Domestic goddess bliss.


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