On Friday I was treated out to dinner for my lovely friend Matthew Waymouth’s 21st. We went to Vivace, this deceptively large little restaurant, hidden away up some stairs in High St. With the company of some of my closest friends and Waymouth’s family we had a really great time drinking delicious cocktails, eating delectable food and listening to his Dad, Roger’s crude crude jokes. It was a really fantastic night and a lovely way to celebrate a birthday.

But I’m sure you’d prefer to know about the food. That’s what I generally write about right? I’ll apologise now for the photo quality, the ol’ iPhone is great until the sun sets.

As I mentioned Vivace is tucked away up some stairs on High St. In fact, despite walking down High St nearly every day I’ve never noticed it before. Consequently I was quite surprised to find such a large establishment on entry. Large may be the wrong way to describe Vivace though. Sure, there’s a lot of space up there, but at the same time it can be incredibly intimate. There are lots of tucked away spaces for private dinners – we were in the ‘Boardroom,’ an outdoor area, a bar area and a huge central fire. I imagine it would be fantastic for Valentines Day as it had this eerily romantic feel to it.

The menu is very familiar, for me at least. We started with breads and a variety of toppings, olive oil, dip, anchovies cheese. Fairly standard, always tasty. The mains aspect of the menu veers towards Italian flavours, I had to have a little giggle to myself at the offerings – duck fat potatos, venison with horseradish mash, chicken wrapped in bacon, it’s all options that my Dad cooks quite regularly at home. In saying that, I am quite spoilt food wise and it was delicious. I opted for the Prawn Risotto for my main as it’s a not so familiar meal, but collectively the table pretty much tasted everything on the menu and it was a resoundingly happy response. A particular highlight seemed to be the Leg of Duck.

Price wise it’s very reasonable, between $8-13 for entrees, $20-36 for mains, $8-12 for desserts. We didn’t try the desserts as we had a cake, but it looked very very good.

As for the cocktails, mine was amazing. The boys went for the traditional Manhattan and Martini, but I decided to go for one of the inhouse specials – The Lemon Bomb. It tasted like lemon sorbet in cocktail form. Delicious.

I would definitely recommend this restaurant. The food is delicious, the atmosphere cozy and intimate, the staff great, the prices very reasonable. My only suggestion would be to avoid the Boardroom – sure the table is huge, but that’s it. It was so huge that we had to shout to talk to each other.

A big thank you again to Matthew, Roger and Averil. It was a great night. 


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