Playing with the cats, nosy cat, delicious beef salad

Blogging, view from work, curry

WHY is this ad inside girls bathrooms? Ted screening, crazy fog

Bonnie, the barn we stayed in at Palliser bay, Breakfast 

Foxton, Kapiti, Bonnie

Huka Falls, Hamilton Rose Gardens, Tequila

Iceskating, animal party, delivery from Old Mout

Old Mout ciders, Buzzy bee, sneaky puppy

Amazing pyjama pants, Batman, free V

V Motion Project, Lucy drawing cartoons, Cider and Breaking Bad

Snuggle cat, Sals, Peroni and Breaking Bad, Te wiki o te reo Maori

The Three Legged Cat R.I.P Margaret Mahy, Te Reo Debate, Single Serve Bacon and Egg Pies

Griff drinking from my glass, nice wrapping from Love, Taonga from my Grandad

David Dallas at Vesbar, Maxx celebrating Te wiki o te reo Maori, pasty

Cassette, Bathtime, Weather forecast

Breakfast at Mecca, Walt, Rain *sob*

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It’s that time again for the monthly round up. I’ve tried a few variations of how to do the instagram thing, but lets be honest. 16 rows is ridiculous. From this Sunday, I’ll be shifting my instagram posts to a weekly round up. I’ll keep the monthly post, but it will be more of a monthly round up than an instagram post. Makes things heaps easier/ prettier/ manageable.

July Highs: Being on holiday, getting to leave Auckland for a bit, and see my family, finally getting into Breaking Bad!

June Low: I finally have a hospital appointment for these tests I’ve needed for a while. It won’t be pleasant, I don’t like hospitals. This is only really a low of the past couple of days, but Gisborne has stolen my boyfriend.

Posts that people have liked: Palliser Bay, Out Mout Hot Berry Cider, It’s Almost Communism, Isn’t It?

OH AND THE OLYMPICS! How could I forget. Seriously. Since when do I watch sports coverage? Since when do I really get into sports coverage? The Olympics. And occasionally Rugby. But mostly, the Olympics. New Zealand doesn’t have any medals yet, but it’s okay because none of the sports we’re good at have had finals yet. >.<


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