Rekorderlig Strawberry and Lime

On Monday afternoon I finally tried Rekorderlig and well, if I thought that I was a cider fan before, this has really solidified the deal just that little bit more. Rekorderlig isn’t something you come across easily at the supermarket. In fact, it’s something I’ve only ever seen on Instagram/ Twitter care of some of the UK based bloggers I follow, but it is something that you can get in bars and restaurants and rather conveniently at Vesbar – the venue for Adam and I’s weekly afternoon drink. How I did not realise this earlier is beyond me.

Rekorderlig is a Swedish cider that’s been around since 1999, they’re a pretty hip brand with a page on their website dedicated to inspirational Swedish images sourced from Tumblr. Currently they make four flavours, Pear, Wild Berries, Strawberry and Lime and a Winter Cider. I tried what seems to be a favourite in the Strawberry and Lime.

Rekorderlig’s Strawberry and Lime cider barely tastes like a cider. It’s sweet, crisp and cool and lacks that usual hint of alcohol that you generally get with a cider. Imagine a perfect strawberry, perfect, so incredibly red, but not burgundy, incredibly sweet yet still slightly tart, firm yet perfectly ripe. Now imagine that in a drink. It’s not like your usual strawberry drink, overly sweet and in need of some diluting, it’s crisp and totally thirst quenching and totally delicious.

As I’ve already said, I’m definitely a fan, and now totally dedicated. (Don’t worry Old Mout, I still love you just as much.) So now I just need to find the other flavours, and a proper off license stockist so that I can hoard up. At $11 a bottle, Vesbar isn’t really that great a deal. I’m particularly interested in the Winter Cider – the Rekorderlig variation is Apple, Cinnamon and Vanilla(!!!!) but also for comparisons sake the Berry. Pear, schmear. If you can help me on this quest comment below! Even if you’re not in Auckland, it may prove useful at some point down the line.

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4 Responses to Rekorderlig Strawberry and Lime

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  3. Chelsea says:

    Liquorland – 5 bottles for $30!

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