Things that are GOOD Friday: 21

I could do a normal things that are GOOD and I actually wrote a full one, but then another story popped up that really was so so good that it needs to be recognised as so.

Last night Adam and I were having dinner at Q when we started to get into a bit of fiery debate about poverty, health care, socio economics (aka my usual rants.) We’d had a few drinks and so I thought that I’d pop down to the bathroom quickly before our food arrived. In that space the woman at the table beside us leant over to Adam and said very politely that she was sorry for listening in but was quite interested in what we were discussing. When I came back it turned into a full blown conversation with both her and her husband and it was fantastic. They were really interesting people (they’d just been to Cuba and she worked with hard up families in Otara and Mangere) and alone it was a really great experience. Just chatting, passionately to complete strangers – we never even exchanged names.

After they left Adam and I continued to talk, drink, muse at our table when the woman ran back in, thanked us for our conversation and left $40 on the table. It all happened so quickly that we didn’t really have an opportunity to properly respond. See, it’s the sort of thing that you hear about on the internet, but never expect to happen to you. If I’ll be honest I was slightly overwhelmed by the generosity and almost cried.

So to that couple I would like to say thank you, thank you, thank you. It was such a generous act, and one that we both really appreciated, but it was made even better by the fact that it came from actually conversing on an intellectual level with complete strangers. In a way it was a good lesson for us to be open to talking to unknown people, as it’s not something that happens very often anymore. I hope that you both had a fantastic time at the APO, Adam and I did at The Triumphants and maybe, hopefully, our paths will cross again.

As I said, it was totally overwhelming and amazing and really set a fantastic tone for the rest of the evening. Which really, was just another great day in an awesome week.

As for The Triumphants, stay tuned. It’s a really great show which I’m excited to gush about unashamedly.


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