Things that are GOOD Friday: 22


Currently I’m having a dinner party with my friends to celebrate Matariki. It’s pretty extremely awesome and I’m being anti social so this will be super quick!

– Drinks at Vesbar. It may seem like an odd thing to celebrate but I’ve been there three times this week. I think. And it was a lot of fun. And I may be making friends with new people. And the third time was Papa Flexton’s birthday so that was pretty cool.
– Flowers in my room. That’s enough right? I love them.
– Also, MOR’s sorbet moisturiser. Today the boys were sniffing my arms in class because they smelt yummy. I think it’s a winner. So I’ll probably review it.
– Today I got an email from some really cool girls asking if I want to do something with them and I shouldn’t say what just yet but it’s going to be fucking cool if it happens and they’re awesome and I’m excited.

Anyway, I should get back to dinner!



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Curator of The Things That Are Good. Sharing the things that stand out in the worlds of theatre, food, beauty and style.
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