Friendship Restaurant

I think that it may be fairly safe to say that there is currently a bit of dumpling obsession going around. Barilla is all of a sudden everyone’s favourite place and I tend to see at least one, ‘I feel like eating dumplings’ tweets a day. I’d be lying if I said that I’m not one of them.

So when my aunt who is currently over from Sydney suggested a dumpling outing, I was all for it. The only catch? We needed to find somewhere that did dumplings with soup inside them.

At first we were headed for ‘Little Fatty’/Tasty takeaway on New North Road. I’d read about it on Eat Here Now. While it was good, it wasn’t quite what we were looking for so after one plate of dumplings we headed over the road to Friendship Restaurant.

We based this choice purely on a hunch/ what it looked like from the outside and were pleased to see exactly what we wanted advertised on the window. Perfect.

Now Friendship Restaurant isn’t strictly a dumpling house, so unlike Barilla you don’t get to choose between a million different possible flavours, but it does do the soup filled dumpling. We ordered a couple of plates of prawn and pork dumplings, the soup filled dumplings and some garlic bok choy and oh boy was it yummy.

Perfectly soft casings, chilli oil, delicious fillings, bok choy that I could not stop eating despite not even really liking bok choy that much. As usual, like with any of these places I left feeling like I needed to have a lie down.

While this place probably won’t usurp Barilla’s place from me (especially as I leave 5 minutes drive from there) it was definitely good quality and I’d be interested to try other items on the menu and eat from there if I was in the area.

You can find Friendship Restaurant just down from the Carrington Road/ New North Road intersection, same side of the road as David Shearer’s Offices. Prices are fairly standard – $9 a plate of dumplings and you’ll leave feeling that you’ve definitely got your moneys worth, and with a bit of a food baby.


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