Sorbet Dolce by MOR

I’ve been a big fan of MOR products for a while, often listing them on my birthday and christmas wish lists. If you’re not familiar with the brand, MOR is an Australian company who specialise in bath, body and lifestyle products. Created in 1998 by Dianna Burmas and Deon St. Mor, they provide what I like to think of as a bit of liquid luxury.

Unfortunately, like most good skin products MOR can be pricey (for a student at least), so you can imagine my glee on walking into Smith and Caughey’s and seeing a whole lot of their stock on sale. I was even more pleased when I realised that one of my favourite lines was included; Sorbet.

The Sorbet range smells delicious. If I’ll be honest I’m mainly reviewing this product because the boys at uni started sniffing my arms in class the other day when I was wearing it. Curtis describes it as smelling a bit like cinnamon donuts, but in reality it’s a combination of lemon, lime, coconut and vanilla. Nom.

I picked up the Hand and Body lotion for $12.50. It comes in a 350 ml bottle which potentially could go far, but I’m not going to hold out on it. Made with Castor oil it leaves you skin feeling beautifully nourished. Castor Oil is one of those old school use it for everything oils, apparently its good for acne, hair growth, scar prevention, you name it. It reminds me a bit of using body butter and is perfectly fine on my skin, which is quite sensitive and prone to eczema.

The packaging isn’t too bad either, making it a great gift – at Christmas time they do great gift packs which seemed to be a big favourite around the family last year. It’s definitely a brand I’d recommend.


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