The Stephen Marr Factory presents Nom*D

Last night Adam, Josiah and I popped into The Marr Factory’s presentation of Nom*D. Presented by Stephen Marr and Hallertau, The Marr Factory is a bit of a looser opportunity to show off the wares of some of New Zealand’s greatest designers. It’s a bit of a warm up for the fashion industry for the mental week to come (aka NZFW).

With Adam at work, Josiah and I headed down to The Golden Dawn in Ponsonby. Last time I’d been there, the location was a clothing store, but I have to say, it works far better as a bar. We did a quick scope out of the place to decide that it was somewhere that we’d want to go to again. With colored strings of lightbulbs outside in a massive court yard, a runway chalked on to the concrete, a cabanaesque bar and lots of punch, it was intimate, funky, cool. Hell, the DJ was even playing Bowie and 60’s girl band hits off vinyl records. Oh and of course then there were the mini burgers. Damn.
Soon Adam had met us, I’d run into some family friends and then the show was upon us.

Being in the bar’s courtyard, this part was cramped. If we’d been wise, we would have snapped up a runway front spot early on, but it was no problem. Craning my camera over people’s heads to watch through the display screen, peeking out between bodies, what I saw of the show was a mixture of beautiful and edgy, generally what you’d expect from Nom*D, and definitely full of things I wanted.

After the show the party revved up, some people left opening up space for dancing and Mr Carter Pierce did us well, treating us to many many good songs. So much so that I think that I may now have a theme for my 21st…

We chatted, drank, snapped photos and danced before deciding that it was time to head home for bed and Breaking Bad with the agreement that we would back in attendance soon – Sundays are Jazz Night.



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