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What’s that in the air? Sweet breezes, the scent of blossoming flowers, lambs?! SEPTEMBER?!
Goodbye winter clothes, goodbye pasty skin and fake tan, hello warmth and rain.

Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself and a bit optimistic, but seriously Winter is over! Who else feels like this is great reason to celebrate and wear flower crowns and be generally awesome? Also, September means Spring which also means its my birthday soon. Hey-lo 21/ cue terror of what on earth I’m going to do for my birthday countdown.

But before we all get too excited about September, it would probably be nice to give August a nod for the beauty that she was.

August highlights:

  • August/ September is a really busy time birthday wise (coughnewyearssexcough) and it also happens to be when many of my closest friends turn new ages, so big loves for my boys – Waymouth, Josiah, Hans and Matt. You guys are all ab fab.
  • August was also a really good month for this little blog here, it’s still a baby (at least I think so) but its nice when people start connecting and I actually have a really exciting blog related meeting this week.
  • I also generally just did lots of things this month which was really nice, note to self – doing things is good.

August lows:

  • So. Much. Uni. Work. It’s been ridiculous and I missed a test and it’s really stressful. Bring on November.
  • My baby cat died, it was a long time coming but it was still fairly sad. I got Hero when I was four which meant that after my parents and I, she was next in line of family hierarchy (before my sisters, Griff and Ruby).

Great buys/ discoveries/ etc:

  • Clinique chubby stick, seriously, it’s probably one of the best things I’ve bought and it seems that lots of you have gone out and bought it too. Let’s just have a chubby stick party.
  • Movie nights at Britomart Country Club, thanks to Dave (aka Farrier) and Dan. They’re the last Sunday of every month and next time they’re doing Rocky Horror (squeee!)
  • Tie dyeing, I could probably do this every day. So maybe I should just invest in a tie dyeing business. Boys, are you keen?

Posts that seemed to go down a treat: that one where I just posted photos of me and my friends, the Clinique Chubby Stick! A wee bit of commentary on attitudes towards sexual assault/ sexual behaviour and my post on Rekorderlig. Yummy!


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2 Responses to August

  1. myfoxycorner says:

    August was the month I found your blog (thanks to Ben!) and have loved reading your posts and connecting with a fellow auckland uni goer/sufferer. Hope the next month is even better and so so sorry to hear about Hero :(

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