Barilla Dumpling






If you know me in person then you’ve probably had to put up with me going on and on about dumplings. Sorry guys. But see, it’s fairly reasoned in my opinion and pretty supported by many of you on the interwebs because it’s all because of Barilla Dumpling on Dominion Road.

Barilla Dumpling is one of those cult status food places, you mention it online and everyone nods in approval and it’s for good reason.

A couple of weeks ago I headed there with my Tell Tale Theatre friends, members old and new for a catch up. There were 10 of us which I was fairly excited about because it meant that I could try lots of things. After some umming and arring we ordered – for the dumplings it was mixed vegetables, pork and chives, pork and cashew and special pork, we also got some garlic bok choy, spicy beans, korean pancakes and garlic prawns.

The dumplings were amazing, as usual. They’re everything you want from a dumpling, soft, flavoursome, moist. The vegetables are definitely an extra must though. Generally I’m not the biggest fan of bok choy, but garlic bok choy has totally won me over. I could eat mountains of the stuff. The spicy beans are pretty special too. With a little bit of tempura crispyness and a faint hint of chilli they’re like the naughty treat of the meal. All of the Barilla veterans were determined that two plates were needed and they were right.

One of the best things about Barilla is that it’s incredible value for money. For roughly $10 give or take you get 20 dumplings. All up for us it was $10 each – for 80 dumplings, at least 20 prawns, three huge plates of vegetables and the pancake. We were stuffed and it was wonderful.

As per usual with this sort of place you also get endless amounts of free green tea and a generous supply of condiments.

Barilla Dumpling is possibly my favourite place to eat ever (until I meet a better dumpling place) and I’m a wee bit obsessed. Cross your fingers for me that I can wrangle a group to go with me this week!

You can find Barilla at 571 Dominion road, it’s open from 11:30 til midnight but it gets pretty crazy busy at night so you may want to book a table if you plan on eating in. You can call them on 09 638 8032.


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2 Responses to Barilla Dumpling

  1. myfoxycorner says:

    Because of your constant mentions and fingerlicking photos of Barilla I am now constantly annoying my friends and bf to come with me to Barilla! I live so nearby, it feels like a crime I haven’t yet tried it!

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