Deskercise: 01

When it comes to exercise I’m lazy. Essentially that’s it, I don’t particularly like exercising and when I do I tend to get bored quite quickly. Yet my summer goal is to look like Lara Bingle.

Meanwhile at work I am surrounded by gym bunnies. The other day I figured that’s something’s gotta give but since I was planted at my desk I couldn’t exactly hop out for a run. That’s when I decided to google ‘exercises you can do at your desk.’

What came from this was ‘Deskercise.’ Now I’m not sure if I made that word up and I’m not sure of quite how effective this whole thing may be but as dorky as it sounds it’s actually really fun. It’s also great because you can keep working away as normal, yet your legs are having a total party below out of your co workers sights. I was asked to share some ideas so here we go!

The exercises below are my current (newbie) favourites. They’re all leg exercises which I like because they’re easy – both to do and to hide. Please note that I’m not a fitness guru, I’m just sharing something that I’m enjoying.

First things first you’ll be wanting to be sitting in your chair straight and with your seat at the right height. You can read more about that here.


“Foot running”

I like to start things off with a bit of feet running. It’s pretty simple, you just tap your feet on the ground as if you’re running. I’d advise taking off your shoes to do it, but it’s good because it keeps you moving and lifts your heart rate a little bit.


“Hover foot”

Hover foot is one you can do almost anywhere, with one foot placed flat on the ground, raise the other knee slightly to lift the foot off the ground and hold for as long as you can before switching. It’s harder than you’d think and is working your thighs.


“Hover Leg”

Next you can try to lift and extend that leg so it’s being held out straight in front of you.


“Plank Legs”

When you’re feeling really flashy you can try to hold out both legs at once.


“Plank Leg Lifts”

Another variation is to lift and then lower both legs at once, this works your stomach as well.


“Thigh Squeeze”

Finally, get a ball or jumper or something and put it between your thighs and squeeze. I promise, it’s not as rude as it looks!

With all of these techniques hold for either as long as you can or 30 seconds. You can then repeat them throughout the day as many times as feels fit!

Now as I said I’m not a fitness guru, these are just some simple things that I’ve found to be quite fun but also keep your muscles moving while at work. Just remember posture, posture, posture and (like they tell you at the beginning of all those cheesy exercise DVD’s) don’t continue if it’s painful!


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