Things that are GOOD Friday: 26

This week was back to uni and a lot of feeling really uninspired.

  • But on Monday the boys decided to get a kitten, on Tuesday a little kitty kat moved in and now I have a new best friend. Sometimes he tries to eat me, but most of the time we’re pretty bro’sy, pretty cuddly. I’m not sure how Griff would feel about this…
  • Also on Tuesday I took a group of people to Barilla to feast on dumplings. It was awesome because they were all newbies to it but loved it. Big sigh of relief because otherwise I probably couldn’t be friends with them anymore. I may have also had it again on Wednesday….don’t judge me.
  • I almost forgot but I also went to my sisters Kids 4 Kids concert on Monday, which wasn’t too painful and she loved so that was pretty cool. I did the Kids 4 Kids concerts as a kid as well so it was a bit of reminiscing.
  • On Thursday I went out for dinner with work which was really cool. We went to Tyler St Garage (aka yummy) and drank cocktails and I got reminded of how cool my workmates can be.
  • Afterwards I popped over to my friend Hala’s gig, she does spoken word poetry and she’s pretty brilliant. Her company is pretty good too – Jahra, Logan, these guys are mean.
  • Today I did this kids cancer thing, pretty much we had to be paparazzi at the red carpet for an event and holey moley was it awkward to begin with. But then, the improv/ lol factor skills kicked in and it got pretty fun. I managed to rope Adam, Josiah and Hans into coming though without really telling them what it was going to entail… Oops. >;.<;
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