Teed St Larder

On Saturday morning Adam and I went to Teed St Larder for brunch. There was no food at home and I was thinking that it was high time that I tried out one of Newmarket’s newish hyped up establishments.

Teed St Larder is in what used to be Columbus on Teed St, it’s in that nice designer store gilt part of Newmarket, far from the empty shoe box stores that haunt the train station. The decor is like any of the newer eateries, exposed crates, wine barrels etc but it instantly makes you want to eat with some amazing looking sandwiches and pastries on display.

All we wanted was a cooked breakfast and since the menu is a bit hard to find with morning mind (aka you need a physical copy as there’s no mention of it on the blackboard) we almost left. But a quick scan allowed me to spot the menu and we were soon away.

Adam definitely won on the food choice front. He ordered Eggs Benedict with Ham and I got the Bubble ‘n Squeak with Poached Eggs, Avocado, Prosciutto and a Feta of some description. Both were delicious, but I was hoping for a crunchier (not mashed) version of Bubble ‘n Squeak so was a wee bit jealous of the boy’s order.

We also ordered Flat Whites for the man and a freshly squeezed orange juice and Cadbury and Belgium Hot Chocolate for me (!!!), I normally don’t drink warm milk beverages but it was delicious.

Despite the fact that you have  to go to Newmarket for it I really enjoyed Teed St Larder. The prices are fairly regular for a cooked breakfast and it was really enjoyable, tasty, quick.


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