Things that are GOOD Friday: 28

This week was fairly heinous. If you follow me on twitter you’d know that I was lucky enough to have to have a colonoscopy and gastrocopy yesterday morning. It was probably the most terrible experience of my life but kinda awesome at the same time? I know, I know… I’m strange.

  • I haven’t really properly done any theatre for a long time, we’ve been having these workshops and I’ve been incredibly rusty but on Monday something clicked and found ourselves in a really cool scene. Boom. Back in the game.
  • On Tuesday night Adam had a study club at his house. Um, it didn’t really go very well study wise, but I had so much fun.
  • Speaking of that, you know what’s awesome? Girls! Like actually getting on with super awesome girls who won’t have a cry if you’re friends with more than one person or just cry about boring shit but who are actually interesting and fun. I had a great Saturday night with a super awesome girl, tuesday was awesome with girls, and twitter is like girl love ville. (Super jumping for joy that it’s not impossible for me to get on with girls. Because, it was getting weird like that.) But this does make me think that I haven’t seen my Bff in awhile. Must remedy that.
  • This makes me think that I should get round to watching Girls.
  • On Wednesday we went and as I posted about got Adam a tattoo! It was so wicked, and you can read about it here…
  • This morning I watched the first episode of Downton Abbey season 2 and holey moley that show works for me. It’s probably not the best thing to proclaim, but I’ve always thought I’d be really well suited to Mary Crawley’s life. It would actually be kind of lovely to just sit around and stitch and read and play the piano. But then I’d probably get bored too… Either way, thank god it’s back! I’ve missed and my boyfriend is probably going to get really bored with me proclaiming how much I adore him every time I watch it.. :/

Now I have a goal I’ve just decided, because I’ve sort of decided that this post is extraordinarily boring. So watch this space.


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