Little and Friday

You may have noticed that I’ve been a little absent. I think it’s finally time to admit that attempting to take five stage three papers, work part time three days a week, commit to a theatre company and have a social life is slightly hard work. It’s even more frustrating when my mind is bursting with ideas, just not the time to flesh them out onto the web. But bear with me. Soon I’ll have finished uni for the year and be back to blogging full time. Trust me I have some ripper opinions to get off my chest.

Until then, enjoy some cakes.

A few weekends ago I popped into Little and Friday to grab some treats for the family. As you can see I’ve been ticking off boxes recently, going into all the ‘trendy’ cafes and what not.

Little and Friday is nestled in with a fabric store in Newmarket on Melrose St. The location makes it uber cute and when you enter you’re greeted by an amazing display of cabinet food. It’s incredibly difficult to decide what to choose, but I ended up grabbing the Baci Cake, Lemon Coconut Cake and an Caramelised Onion Tart and a Potato and Gorgonzola galette. All of which were amazing.

When I went it was a really super busy Saturday morning so I just popped in and out, but the atmosphere was great. Busy, brisk, friendly. Potentially a bit intimidating but once you’re past that, brilliant.

My only gripe with Little and Friday is the price. Sure, the food is incredible, but it ended up costing $30 for 4 small bits. I’m sure it’s fairly similar to other places if I thought about it, but I did feel a bit cheated spending that much money on pastries.

I would recommend a pop in though, the food is so delicious that it’s a perfect treat. There’s also a store in Belmont on Eversleigh St and there’s a cookbook too!


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