Circus, Circus




You know how there are some places that inherently remind you of something only half related? Well this cafe reminds me of a song I learnt in piano lessons as a kid. It was sort of show tunesy and was called, ‘The GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH.’ The caps are my own doing because its just that sort of song.

Anyway, Circus Circus is a cafe that claims to be the greatest on earth. Placed in the heart of Mt Eden Village it’s like a maze, tables sprawling throughout the various rooms of what would once have been a home. It’s full of clowns, lions, candy striped walls and fairy lights. It gives the effect of making it a lot more intimate than you’d expect an insanely busy cafe to be.

Adam and I headed there a couple of weekends ago after I’d coerced him into climbing Mt Eden with me (read: bribery). We both got Eggs Benedict with wilted Spinach and Bacon and it was delicious.

The cooked meals are pretty pricey though for what you get. But it’s the cakes that you actually want (these are fairly reasonably priced). While we didn’t indulge on this trip, I’d recommend going for dessert at night. The cake is divine, the fairy lights are on, it’s sort of bliss. Honestly, my mouth waters just thinking of it.

As I said, Circus Circus can be quite pricey for what you get (from memory our meals were nearing the $20 mark) but I would recommend a look in just because the decor is so good – trust me to get wooed by shiny things.

Sadly, I wouldn’t agree that Circus Circus is the best cafe on earth, but I do think that it is a lot of fun and still pretty yummy. You can find it at 477 Mt Eden road (in the village) and it’s open every day from 630 am through to 11pm.


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