Things that are GOOD Friday: 31


Today is the last day of classes and the last day ever for lots of my friends. This is so weird. So I’m just gonna get link heavy on you.

Remember the Leveson Inquiry? Aka when journalists are real shit and crash into people’s private lives (phone hack). This piece by Hugh Grant discusses why it’s important and introduces a book getting written in the whole sha bang that sounds really interesting. Plus Hugh Grant wrote it.

This weeks train wreck in governance would have to be #WTFMSD aka the Ministry of Social Development having absolutely zero privacy for their info. It’s been really interesting to follow and I was collecting links but these are some of the best so far. The original story by Keith Ng here and his follow up post here, an interesting blog post on why it matters and Bryce Edwards’ weekly round up which has loads more links.

I watched the American Presidential Debate on Wednesday which was hilarious/ terrifying depending on which way you look at it. Favourite moments were Romney’s, ‘People from two parent families and who are educated don’t shoot people, ergo we should just ensure that and not take AK47’s away from the public,’ nice in theory but history doesn’t prove that at all , getting ‘strong on China’ (what does that even mean?!) and the ol’ ‘Binders of women. This article from Thought Catalog talks about it and watching a meme happen in real time.

Amanda Todd. If you don’t know about her, she’s a young girl who had her life ruined by someone online and subsequently took her own life. Vice wrote about the people who did it here and this is an interesting read on why online bullying is not the right place to be looking when we’re talking about cases like this (read: mental health support), this is also a pretty interesting blogpost on the terror of the Internet.

And now for something light and hilarious. Remember Liz Shaw? Aka ‘Crash and burrrrrnnnn‘ on NZ Idol? Winner of Porn Idol (or whatever it was called). Short time political candidate? And now media person? (Or something. Anyway, let me welcome you to ‘Liz Shaw quotes‘. Enjoy.

Also on Wednesday night I went to Barilla with some friends and then we went home and danced in Adam’s lounge til 3am. I don’t know how that happened. I’m still confused. I’m usually sleepy by 12 in these situations. Does this mean that I’m reclaiming my youth?

Oh and that picture at the top? You can thank the Young Nats Ball for that pearler. HOORAH, THE FUTURE OF THE NATIONAL PARTY. Here’s another one for you ;)



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