Cheeseburger Sliders

A lot of people are fans of the super sized option. But personally, I’m a big fan of the little treat. Small things you can pick up in your hand and sneakily gorge away on. For this reason, Sliders are my dream. Burgers that can fit in your palm? Small enough that you can try every flavour? Yes please!

I’ve been pretty lucky with my Slider experiences so far having indulged myself at The Marr Factory at Golden Dawn and Depot. But I decided that it was time to try them for myself and what better opportunity than an 11 year olds birthday party? Move over Cheerios, there’s a new kid in town.

I decided to go for a tried and true kiddo favourite – the Cheeseburger. Luckily Al Brown has made it super easy to do this sort of thing so we popped into Nosh and picked up some buns (the same as are served at Depot and only $5 for 10) and got started.



To make these yourself you’ll need:

– Slider buns (available at Nosh)
– Sliced gherkins
– Ketchup (I used Heinz)
– Plastic cheese
and for the patties (from Al Brown’s American Cheeseburger recipe in Stoked)
– 1 kg of minced beef
– 1/2 a cup of minced onion
– 1 egg
– 2 table spoons of Worcestershire sauce
– 2 table spoons of American ball park mustard
– 2 table spoons of Ketchup
– 1 table spoon of flaky sea salt
– Freshly ground black pepper to taste

Make the patties up by mixing together all of the ingredients and roll out small patties, this recipe made just about 22 patties. Grill (or in our case Weber) the patties until cooked and then slap it all together into the buns. I found a whole cheese slice too big so cut it into quartered triangles. Then enjoy! The quicker you get the whole shabam together, the more chance your cheese has to melt a little, otherwise you can throw them in the oven for a little to melt the cheese up all gooey like.




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