Things that are GOOD Friday: 32


Last night I worked at my cousin, Helen Strevens’ exhibition opening. Ergo why this didn’t happen yesterday. (That’s an example of wallpaper you can get commissioned 0o0 right?).

Anyway, here are some links that I collected this week, half are hilarious, half are terrifying.

I’m gonna kick it off with the worst thing, but this is an article that I really feel needs to be shared. Pretty much, due to America’s terrible stance on contraception, family planning etc a woman is now going through court proceedings because she took the abortion pill without consulting a doctor and turned out to be further along than she’d guessed. That’s a really simplified summary but it’s really interesting to read about how she got into this position. The US is severely letting their people down in this area. People should be able to make safe and informed decisions, not be marginalised into having no options.

Onto less emotional things, remember how last week I was kinda like wtf about ‘Getting tough on China’? Well this article from the Huffington Post talks about how stupid that idea is.

Following on the theme, this video has been circulating twitter and if you haven’t watched it, well it’s half mega lol, half I’ve lost hope in humanity, total America fuck yeah moments. This is why we enjoy American elections though right? RIGHT?

On a totally random note I’ve been asked to have a play around with SlimKicker. It’s this website (and they have an app coming soonish) that tracks your calorie intake, exercise etc. It treats weight loss like a level up game, so you pick a reward, record what you’re up to and get points – when you level up, it’s time to reward yourself! I’ll keep you updated on how I find it.

Lastly, Adam has recently been getting into Media 3 and The Nation which means that we’ve had the opportunity to realise what a kick ass interviewer Rachel Smalley is. This post by Brian Edwards (about how awesome she is) is really sweet and totally deserved.



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