Things that are GOOD Friday: 33


This is an x ray of a blow job that someone post on twitter. It’s crazy weird to look at. Please don’t be offended.

Exams make other things super difficult. I feel like this post always begins with me making excuses but um? Also, due to technology mishaps today’s photo is missing as well. This feels incredibly awkward as usually at this time I would be making a photo an hour to lead up to my birthday ticking over. Its good that Matt is doing an amazing job because I’m a control freak and the loss of control is really unnerving. It’s good also that I have a defined theme this year because otherwise I’d potentially start making them anyway and I must study.

As for interesting things I’ve found this week, I actually only have two which is sort of pathetic.

The first comes from the Huffington Post and is a guide to are you wearing a dress? This made me giggle because whether or not you can get away with not wearing pants or not is a huge issue. I wish I could hand this out to some people though because the other day at uni I got a full back view of a girls ass. It was nicely formed, but totes not appropes.

Also, there was a huge hurricane this week and unless you’re like the girls who take my bus who didn’t believe that it actually happened and then started talking about how the US is the promised land… then you’ll know that it was insanely dramatic and was pretty devastating for a lot of people. I followed most of it via twitter and a newsfeed Dad had going on his computer. What was super interesting though was all the fake photos that kept coming up. Why people need to do this sort of thing when it’s dramatic enough naturally is beyond me but its really interesting to read how they work out what’s real and what’s totally fake.

Expect some proper content up soon as well. I went to Brel last night (which opens properly tonight) and it was glorious. Expect a full gush asap. Also, next week is Radiohead and I can’t possibly contain myself with glee that it is finally happening. Awkwardly I don’t have a real camera anymore… But hopefully my parents will be able to get wicked shots from their seats. I hope. Also exams are over next Wednesday (for me) and then next week is Bowie time so it’s all super exciting.

P.S. tomorrow is my actual birthday. Are you excited? Because I’m excited.


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