Sunday Grams: 15

heinous boxes life at work, making my bed everyday, 3TC meeting at Circus Circus, candle light and my favourite – gin and tonic

marmalade hot dogs care of the Londoner, that competition I’m running, light, drinks, where I sleep half the time, dresses I’ve made

my bag is a pharmacy, amazing ghd hair spray, view from my window at work, new notebook, work and play on Fridays, car selfies with mermaid hair

doing Friday night well with Mexico and Skyfall, thugged out MySpace style, joker time, with the crew at my 21st, BREL one last time, I made a flower crown, watch this space for a tutorial.

Lots of these photos are actually from the fmsphotoadaynovember challenge, which I’m finally up to date with! If you want to stalk my life on a photo basis then feel free to follow me @madicattt


About madicattt

Curator of The Things That Are Good. Sharing the things that stand out in the worlds of theatre, food, beauty and style.
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