I must have flowers, always and always


You may have already guessed this, but at heart I am a total girly girl and as much as I have tried to dissuade myself, I quite like flowers. So it makes sense that I would jump on this floral crown band wagon, but I wasn’t just going to do it small. A while ago now I saw Kate from Gh0st Parties wearing the most wonderful rose crown from Rock ‘n Rose. I fell in love. I drooled. I ogled. I tried to justify to myself spending 40 odd pounds (around $80 or so New Zealand dollars) on a rose crown. But even I couldn’t justify it.

Yet it haunted me. I knew that I needed a rose crown for New Years. Go down the track a few months, finally fit in a trip to Spotlight and the yearning is over. I now have a rose crown and it only took about 20 minutes and 20ish dollars to achieve.

I figure that I’m not the only one out there, totally succumbing to this fad and so I thought I’d share the easy how and what with you. Trust me, it’s simple! And you know that summer needs one of these babies…

What you’ll need to make a rose (or flower if you will) crown is:

  • An assortment of silk flowers in varying sizes.
  • Floral wire – aka any strongish but bendy wire, but floral wire is good because it’s plant coloured.
  • Green felt
  • A hot glue gun.


You’re going to want to start things by making the floral wire into a crown shape. I did this by winding two pieces of wire together and then bending it around my head to get the right size. At the ends I bent the wire into a hook and clasp to make it a bit easier to manipulate.

Next step is to work out the order that you’re going to place your flowers in. I started with the largest rose in the centre and then symmetrically spaced the smaller flowers around the crown.


To attach the flowers to the crown you first cut off any wire or stem attached to the20121126-175541.jpgbase of the flower and then cut out felt circles to match the base. This helps keep the flower together but is also how you stick the crown to the flower.

Cover the felt in hot glue and place beneath the crown, stick the flower over
the top and hey presto you’ve got a flower on your crown!

Continue until you’ve got as many (or as few) flowers as you want. You may also want to wind smaller flowers onto the crown with wire but that’s entirely a preference thing.

After the flowers are done you’re pretty much there but I also glued some felt around the ends of the wire, I don’t know about you but I’m not really a fan of getting stabbed in the head by rogue wire.

And voila! A rose crown for well under 40 pounds and with only about 20 minutes effort. Don’t mind if I do….


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