It’s December, Christmas time is on.

Christmas tree

So it’s December and I have turned into Martha Stewart meets St Nick’s Christmas crazy love child. If you’re a grinch you may want to tune out now, but if you (like me) love any opportunity to be surrounded by pretty things, buy things for both yourself and others and eat and drink obscene amounts of food and liquor then get prepared for a Christmas bonanza.

If you follow me on twitter/ instagram/ on this thing then you should know by now that daily update things are not my strong point. In order to combat this I’m kicking off the season with an advent calendar (huge sigh of relief at actually getting this up in the first week of December). I really love the idea of advent calendars, but the chocolate is usually gross and I usually forget about them until all that’s left are Barbie or similarly uninspiring options. This year I decided to take things into my own hands by making a calendar and I’m pretty stoked with the outcome. It was also incredibly easy.Advent 3

The great thing about this advent calendar is that you choose the contents – so if hershey’s kisses sound good to you or whether you’re more into a daily miniature, it’s totally up to you.

Advent 2All you need to get this baby together is a can of gold spray paint, 24 small paper
bags, 24 pegs, a printer, craft knife, string and the filling.

Kick things off by spray painting your pegs. Instantly they’ll be transformed from what in my case were cheapo home brand pegs to luxe special occasion pegs. Next you’ll need to print off this PDF, it’s going to be the stencil for the numbers, cut out the black letters using a craft knife or scalpel and then place over the paper bags and spray.

Then it’s time to bring it all together. String up your string, fill the bags and peg them up. The only hard part now is waiting to open them all!

Also on fighting the whole way through the photo aspect of this post – damn I need to get myself a proper camera.


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