It’s Christmas! Buy Me Things


This December I have been incredibly organised and seeing as I’ve already sorted 95% of my presents for other people, I think that I may be entitled to wish for a few things for myself. Technically I’ve already purchased one of these items (the Sky Planter with Once It credit) but it still counts because I love it.

From 1-12:

1.) Sky Planters by Bosske because it could mean flowers that last as long as I water them.
2.) A stylus for my ipad so that I can continue to attempt to get the most out of this thing. This one is the Wacom bamboo stylus.
3.) I was surprised to discover that Typo actually has some cool iPad cases in store. I actually want a super bright one, but you get the picture.
4.) I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect pair of sandals and this may be them. I’m all about the straight bar across the toes. Hi 5 Witchery.
5.) I used to have a few M.A.C lipsticks until I went on an air head spree. I’m currently looking at super vibrant shades – these are Rebel and Girl About Town.
6.) This Karen Walker ring also featured in my birthday countdown. I now have two Meadowlark rings (a cat ear one and the cat claw garnet) but I don’t think that this would be a too excessive addition.
7.) But my fingers may start getting heavy so these wouldn’t unappreciated either.
8.) It’s Summer, what can I say. My toes would look great in the sand adorned in these Orly shades.
9.) Karen Walker’s Pansies won’t disappear from a wanted list until I own some. I’m obsessed. Even Adam noticed them in a store the other day so that’s telling huh?
10.) It’s a wearable Hawaiian print. Hawaiian shirts are really big amongst my friends so this is like heaven. Don’t judge us.
11.) I’m always wanting more books, but this one seems to keep popping up. If anyone can suggest anything that will beat The Night Circus I’m all ears for that too.
12.) And another pair of sandals. These ones from Country Road. It would have made more sense for these to be up at 5, but oh well. Usually I’m instantly drawn to black/ white/ neutrals (boring I know) but these. Ooh. But they’re orange and I own absolutely nothing orange. If only they were mint or turquoise….

If you’re interested in seeing more things I want or other things that I like then head over to my Pinterest. I’ve found it’s a really great tool for collating present ideas!


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