Sunday Grams: 19

Views at Coro Gold paired with views from Seaview Road, Cakes at Gran’s, my handsome cat and my handsome man topped off with Christmas Day festivities.
20130203-230756.jpg The chronicles of Isie featuring Isie’s school books, her first day at Marist and thugging it out like a Cub Scout at Lake Taupo, finding Kinder chocolate being the only good thing in Palmerston North and Emily’s Teepee with a shock of Lucy for good measure.

A months worth of Instagram pictures is a shocking number of photos and since both myself and anyone reading this probably can’t be bothered dealing with a few lots of tens of photos I decided to make this one a best of post. Sort of. From the past month at least. I think I can safely say that I have a problem when I start wanting to go to places purely for their instagrammable worthiness… That’s normal right?

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That’s all the internets for innit?


About madicattt

Curator of The Things That Are Good. Sharing the things that stand out in the worlds of theatre, food, beauty and style.
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