Onigiri? Not quite…

Usually whenever I see recipe posts on line I get excited because they look beautiful or decadent or just filthily delicious. This post isn’t really going to follow those lines and if I’ll be honest, this isn’t really a recipe. I’m going to call it an approach to eating and while I’m not sure if you’re going to want to be running out to try and recreate it… Stick with me because the fun (and still tasty) factor makes this worth a look in.

It all started when I decided that my sisters and I would make Onigiri for dinner whilst I was babysitting.


Image source: Miss3v1L

Image source: Miss3v1L

We’d made sushi before and in lieu of any sheets of seaweed figured that, ‘Hey filled balls of rice can’t be that hard to make right?’

I’m not sure if it was our lack of patience, lack of skill or just the fact that eating food messily with your hands is far too much fun but… well it didn’t exactly look like the above image.

Onigiri, sort of

It wasn’t a total fail though and I would actually recommend it if you’re looking after children or just hanging out with adults who might as well be children. It was yummy, a huge hit with the small ones, pretty cheap to make and a ridiculously fun time. And let’s be honest. Having a perfectly presented meal is a bit of a triumph but having fun (playing with your food!) in the process in the action of eating your meal? Take that Mum and Dad!

If you want to get in on this and have a messy, silly not quite Onigiri meal (more like ultimate kindergarten meal) it’s pretty easy. All you’ll need is a batch of Sushi rice
and some chopped/ shredded/ grated fillings. We used sliced avocado and red capsicum, grated carrot, mung bean shoots and shredded chicken mixed with teriyaki sauce.

Ingredients for onigiri gone wrong

It’s then all up to your hands. You can try and make it into a ball… but we ended up just grabbing clumps of different ingredients and gnawing away. (If you do want to make a ball the trick is glad wrap/ plastic on your hand to help shape the rice…. we just didn’t think of that at the time.)

Messy hands on Issy

Classy, I know.


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6 Responses to Onigiri? Not quite…

  1. emily says:

    Onigiri from my Japanese class at school: Line a small round cup with gladwrap. Insert fillings + rice. Wrap the gladwrap over top. Pull out and squish together to make a ball. Unwrap + eat.

  2. I’ve yet to make onigiri, but love eating it. I’ve read somewhere that wet hands help?

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