Waitangi Day Bingo

Coley Tangerina and Megapope's Waitangi Day Bingo
Happy Waitangi Day! For any non New Zealanders Waitangi is the day on which we commemorate the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi – the founding document of New Zealand. Like any national day it’s a day tarnished with mud slinging and people opening their mouths when really they should just have a good hard think (and maybe read a history book) and then if they don’t have any thing nice to say still then maybe they should just shut the f*** up. I digress, today I’m spending the day with my family out in Clevedon. The sun is really putting on a show so I’m looking forward to having a picnic in the gardens!

For those of you playing from home however you may want to play Coley Tangerina and Megapope’s Waitangi Day Bingo! The letters to the editor and comments on Stuff are good resources.

And of course, because its that sort of day – Listen to Homebrew’s National Anthem Remix. Vimeo won’t let me embed the video, but click through. It’s good.

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