So hush, little baby




As great as living in a big city can be, Summer is no time to be stuck in an office tower surrounded by beige – even if you live in ‘The City of Sails.’ So the week before last I slipped away, cruising down the island to the home of my grandparents, aunts and cousins, Otaki.

Situated on the Kapiti Coast, Otaki is my kind of beach. Unlike the West Coast beaches up here in Auckland it’s not quite as blood thirsty for your life and will let you keep the soles of your feet mostly intact (aka the rips are less dangerous and the sand isn’t black). It can be wild, with the sea turning the colour of coca cola after a big storm and mountains of drift wood lining the shore, but it can also be beautiful, calm and clear.

After a big night spent at Auckland International Arts Festival Artistic Director, Carla von Zon and partner Gregg Fletcher’s annual Cider party followed by a night cap at a friends we decided to spend a whole day dedicated to the beach.

Armed with sun block, chips and dip and left over cider we staked out our position, myself intent on getting a tan.

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The highlight of the day was when my sisters and cousin Eva decided that it would be a good idea to dig a hole as deep as themselves. With Adam to add some brawn the hole was dug, the girls climbed in and soon they were buried. No sooner were they sealed in than the folly of the idea came to eventuate. Turns out you’re pretty defenseless when you’re just a head and the two year old in our party didn’t have any qualms about taking advantage of this. Sand was thrown, as were feet to the sound of small girls screaming and adults giggling.

Bonnie on Otaki Beach

Turns out it takes a fair while to dig them out too.


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