Things that are GOOD Friday: 38


A river we found in National Park last weekend. It was the best. I should probably blog about this.

This weeks things that are GOOD are pretty much going to be all about me. If you don’t like narcissism then shove on, but hey you’re reading a blog so you’re probably getting a kick out of it.

This week I went to my first ever counselling session. It was interesting. My counsellor pretty much told me that I need to have some ‘me’ time and spend a whole day in bed or something because the reason I’ve been feeling so crap is because I’m over exhausted. My thoughts on this are a.) exhaustion is totally a celebrity illness, b.) does this mean I’m the definition of the 21st century female – working too hard, cleaning too much and needing a counsellor to tell me to chill the f*** out and c.) I never have days off work let alone to do nothing how on earth am I going to take a day out without wanting to make plans. Also I don’t have a working lap top at the moment so I can’t even spend the day watching TV in bed.

Speaking of no laptop, it’s a bitch and it makes it really hard to blog regularly. But I got my course related costs for uni this week and am setting up a finance deal with my parents so hopefully I’ll be the proud owner of a brand new MacBook Pro in due course. Squee.

Course related costs obviously means uni is starting soon which means I’m getting closer and closer to be done with that place. That’s cool but I’m also having big head aches trying to work out what I need to do to actually graduate. Should I drop my politics major and have a cruisy year or should I keep it and have to do summer school next year even though there’s f all good politics papers anymore? Can’t I just be 11 again?

Lastly my room is a mess and has been since I got back from Omori Bay on Sunday night and I can’t handle it and I’ve realized that my wardrobe needs major refreshing and wah. The only positive out of this was that I got to spend last weekend in one of my favourite parts of the country. Goddamn it’s beautiful.

Since I feel like I’m just sounding like the ultimate white girl problem, here’s a pretty picture from DesignLoveFest.


Photo credit: DesignLoveFest



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