Pushing the light out

In Auckland it never really gets cold enough to warrant proper winter dressing. And I’m probably a little bit mad dreaming about winter wardrobes at the moment anyway since it’s still scorching outside and apparently there’s no foreseeable end to that anyway but a girl can dream and at the moment I’ve been dreaming about tights and light jumpers, pants (what on earth?) and boots, warm cuddly clothes and light things to layer up on. I think it’s my body knowing that Autumn is due to start in four days.

Predictably I’m drawn as ever to black and cream. I keep trying to branch out from this… I mean how many cream variant jumpers and dresses can a girl own? But let’s face it – I’m a creature of habit.



The first leather jacket up is from Helmut Lang and is just so.good. and although the Topshop one at the end is probably more in my price range goddamn I want it. Following on the metal handelled hand bag from Zara is standardly nice and ankle boots with small heels from Topshop always gp down well. I may have already purchased that jumper which is on sale for $15 at Boohoo. I think that this selection all fits into the classics which I ~need~ category.



On the cream front it’s far more aspirational. For starters that necklace at the top left is from Karen Walkers critters range of costume jewellery and is sold out online. I blame one of my workmates for making me obsessed with her one. Following on is a J.W Anderson for Topshop jumper and Huffer’s Alpine pants. Pants that could be worn to bed? Check. The Strawberry Fields dress from Twenty Seven Names is like ungh. So pretty. So spendy. How can I get sponsored to get given these dresses because come on. Then it’s time for more accessories with two toned shoes by Kate Sylvester, a Baggu Bag purse, Critters Cuff by Karen Walker, Lion Head belt from Asos and Tapestry Flats from Glassons.

All so good. All so necessary.

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