Things that are GOOD Friday: 39

David Schwen's Pantone Pairings from his instagram @dschwen

David Schwen’s Pantone Pairings from his instagram @dschwen

Today is a sad day. A few of my favourite people at work are leaving and it’s not going to be the same without them. At the same time though, tonight I’m going to Back To The Future with a big group of girls which should be lots of fun! So you know, a little bit of good, a little bit of bad. It will probably keep feeling bad til I’ve left work and figured out what on earth I’m going to wear tonight!

As far as links go, I thought I had lots, but I actually only have two. Good thing is, they’re both pretty good (imo).

First up, Andrew Wyrich for Thought Catalog has decided that Game of Thrones is just like modern journalism, specifically speaking, The Night’s Watch are the journalists. He draws some pretty good comparisons -The Wall/The Fourth Estate, The White Walkers/ The decimation of journalism. Read it here.

My second link is also from Thought Catalog and relates to an issue that really fires me up – nudity, or more specifically how a person’s nudity can be used against them. Gaby Dunn has written an article called, ‘Your Own Naked Body Could Ruin Your Life.’ It touches on sexual prejudices and how for some reason using your body in the ‘wrong way’ can cost you your job, your privacy, everything even if what you were doing had nothing to do with anything else and was completely legal. It’s something that really bugs me – what is wrong with taking nudes and sending them to a partner or whatever? So it’s ‘stupid’ – why? Why should someone be persecuted for sharing something that we all have. What is so shameful about being naked?

Last but not least, this month I’m going to be participating in Lani Says’ ‘Insta-March’! I’m really bad at keeping up with Daily Photo Challenges but last May’s ‘Insta-May’ was really fun so I’m going to try and do it again! Who else is joining in?


You can follow me on instagram @madicattt while my theatre company is joining in on the fun @threetc


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