Things that are GOOD Friday: 40

This week marked my return to uni. Usually this week is highlighted by drinks at Vesbar and catching up with people I haven’t seen since uni broke up the year before but this year I’m in the city, most of my friends have graduated and I’m taking only Arts papers. It’s scary.

At every other point in my degree I’ve known exactly what I was supposed to be doing. This year it’s a free for all with the only certainty being my desire to graduate at the end of this year. Diving into the Arts Faculty away from the prescribed certainty of Health Sciences is like being thrown into a blender with a stack of shredded paper and being told that you need to find one specific page.

The video above is a little bit relevant therefore as I’m not going to lie, dressing up as my dream jobs is way more appealing right now than actually working towards something that will get me a job (god or at least I hope so.) That’s exactly what Bri from DesignLoveFest got to do in association with Benefit! My favourite of her looks are probably the Jazz Singer or Florist. Personally, my dream jobs are a bit unusual – when I was a kid I really wanted to be an entomologist while now I’d quite like to be a foreign correspondent. If you want to hear more about Bri’s dream jobs and see more pictures then check out the posts here.

As for the links I’ve found and liked this week:

It was by absolute chance that 12 years ago Peter Mercurio and his partner Danny became fathers 12 years ago. All it took was for Danny to find a baby in a subway and for a judge to put their faith behind them. 12 years later they’ve finally been able to get married in the state of New York. Peter has written a play about their experience and talks about their story here.

This week has been full of big feels that maybe I’m going to need to stop thinking of myself as a child and that I’m quite possibly becoming a grown up. You know, things like looking after your friends’ baby so that they can go and have some couple time and then drinking water (By the way it was totally a good time, just super grown up feeling.) This thought catalog piece is not 100% accurate yet but it’s getting pretty close: 22 Signs you’re kind of sort of becoming a Grown Up

I’m not 100% there yet though because this blog post by Superette of Abandoned Amusement Parks made me so excited. It reminds me of Carnival of Souls and playing in The Meteor when it was getting made into a theatre and playing at The Green as a child and adventures and magic.

Last but not least I’ve been nerding out over the baby in the states who seems to have been cured of HIV.


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