Things that are GOOD Friday: 41

I’ve never really got into watching comedians or comedy skit shows. But last night I discovered the Ragtime Gals – Jimmy Fallon’s barbershop quartet and then all the ridiculous ridiculous videos with Justin Timberlake from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Saturday Night Live. Let’s just say I wasted a lot of time last night so now I’m pushing you to waste some time as well and watch these videos. Then maybe tap ‘history of rap Justin Timberlake Jimmy Fallon’ into YouTube and maybe ‘Justin Timberlake Single Ladies.’ All you comedy old hats will probably be like, ‘Sigh Maddy, you’re lame.’ But if you’re not one then just do it!

Moving along to more links I’ve found and liked this week…

First up is Caddisfly jewellery. Caddis what you ask? Well French artist Hubert Duprat has worked out that if you take a bug that would usually make itself a cocoon out of foreign objects and give it precious metals and gems then the bug makes its cocoon as per usual but using the precious gems and metals. I won’t lie, the idea slightly grosses me out but at the same time it’s pretty cool. You can read more about it and check out the pictures here.

From precious metals to precious items, Italian photographer Gabriele Galimberti has shot a series of photos of children from around the world with their more treasured possessions. It’s moving, adorable and a bit grounding all at the same time. Look at the photos here.

On a completely different note, this semester I’m mostly taking politics papers. As there is a constitutional review currently underway there’s been a lot of conversation about the shape of our democracy, how we vote, what role does the treaty play, should we even get a constitution etc etc. This article by New Zealander of the year, Dame Anne Salmond challenges New Zealanders to defend our democratic rights and fits really well into the conversation.

To close things up, thirsty? Adagio teas and artist Cara McGee have collaborated to make fandom tea blends. Doctor Who tea? Check. Potters Potions tea? Check! Check out the whole range here.

Oh and here’s another Ragtime Gals video. This time they’re having a hit at Shaggy.


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