On Saturday I went to Urban with my mother and sisters. With a cast of performers who were once disadvantaged youth, Urban is a circus with grit. A performance that combines acrobatics and aerial stunts with street dance to look at how far the cast have come – from the streets of Cali to the world.

On at the stunning Civic Theatre as part of Auckland Arts Festival, my mothers and I took my sisters so that we could wow them. (I personally was sold when they announced ‘no flash photography’ BUT take as many photos and videos as you like! or as Adam likes to say, ‘Indulge my annoying blogger habits.’) While my sisters felt like they couldn’t understand a story (personally I’m not sure how much of one there was as most of the dialogue was in Spanish) the tricks this troupe performed grabbed their attention, holding them to the end.

The performers danced and leaped, throwing their bodies across the stage and through the air as if defying gravity was something normal. While the soundtrack invoked a sense of grittiness having been made by the performers for this work.

Urban was like the name suggests not a regular circus. There were no clowns, it wasn’t overtly pretty or magical but it was real. A display of humans doing extraordinary things against the odds.

Urban’s Auckland Festival season has since closed but for any international people having a peep in, it is a traveling show and may be coming to a city near you soon! More dates can be found here.



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