Things that are GOOD Friday: 42

My very talented friend Tama Waipara has released an album. Check out his first single!

On Sunday the Auckland Arts Festival closes at which point I’m scared that this blog will become very quiet as I mourn not having a show to go to every couple of days. In the mean time though there are two shows which if you haven’t already seen that you MUST. The first is Hui which I talked about the other day. The second is Babel which I’m going to talk about as soon as possible. Both are AMAZING. Oh! and also do En Route.

Speaking of En Route, this blog shows the average Aucklander how they can get more efficiently from A to B in the CBD by slipping through office buildings. It’s sneaky and I like it.

Moving along not all is lost on the arts front because Doctor Who is starting up again on the 30th. These trailers and episode posters have me all excited.


‘I am the Doctor and I am afraid.’

This post is from Thought Catalog (go figure) and originally caught my eye for my boyfriend who is currently on the job search/ in post uni holiday mode. It’s called ‘Six Things Every Aspiring Writer Should Know.’ I think it should also add in, ‘Actually leave the house once in a while.’

Last but not least and on a really sombre note, this article describes the legacy of cancer that the Iraq Invasion has dealt to Iraqis. It’s believed that thanks to the use of depleted uranium bombs and white phosphorous numbers of patients being diagnosed with cancer and children being born with severe birth defects have sky rocketed. I don’t know the providence of this information but if it is correct – Ammmmeeerrriicccuurrr.

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