EverPure by L’Oreal Paris

Loreal Products - Pead PR

Last week I received a very welcome and very exciting package of L’Oreal products from Pead PR. I wasn’t really expecting it so when I came home to find a bag full of beauty products, oh the excitement! I’ve been playing with the products ever since and thought I’d share some of my thoughts starting with the hair products!

P1020532EverPure is L’Oreal Paris’ answer to the growing call for sulphate free shampoos and conditioners. Sulphates are usually used in hair products to give that gooey foamy lather effect but they’re also looked down on for drying out hair and stripping colour. I received the Smooth Shampoo and Moisture Conditioner.

The Smooth Shampoo promises to gently cleanse and smooth frizzy unmanageable hair while maintaining colour purity. Made with rosemary and juniper it has a generic soapy scent and I’ve found that it requires a bit of rubbing between your palms before running through your hair if you want to get it all the way through.

The Moisture Conditioner promises more of the same but with a claim to deeply nourish and revitalise dry, damaged hair. Of the two products this is easily my favourite, it’s made with rosemary and mint and is really refreshing to run through your hair (especially on days when you’re feeling a bit worse for wear).

Before using EverPure I’d been using Joico so my hair was already in pretty manageable condition but I’ve loved using these products. My hair is shiny and smooth as promised and the scent of the conditioner is so nice to use! I swear if all my beauty products could have a bit of a mint in it, I’d be stoked!

The one con for EverPure is that it’s definitely at the high end of supermarket hair products. The shampoo and conditioner retailing at $16.99 full price at Countdown. For me that means it’s definitely a treat/ something I’d buy on sale, for the minty freshness though… mmmmm


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