Things that are GOOD Friday: 44

The other night I watched this movie called ‘The Protector.’ It was 99% in Thai without subtitles and so we had to make up what we thought the movie was about. It had elephants in it and Asian gangs and a sort of almost buddy cop situation and a Jackie Chan impersonator and also some of the most insane fight scenes ever. It was really long and took a lot to watch but you know what else was really great? We actually had to watch the whole movie instead of playing on our phones because otherwise there was no point. To be honest towards the end I wiki’d the plot because it was getting too weird to make up but I’d totally recommending trying it sometime.

On an even weirder note, I read this story on Vice last night – ‘I watched a guy get crucified on Easter Sunday.’ I thought it wouldn’t be for real, but it was and under the weirdest circumstances and I really don’t know how to feel about it. I have to wonder – humans – what the f are you up to?

Keeping on trend with the weird, know what Bitcoins are? Or more, vaguely know what they are and don’t get it or just interested in them? This story discusses Bitcoins and why and why not and hacking and all that fun stuff and makes me think that really if our monetary system has got so convoluted that we need anonymous money that maybe we should just go back to bartering things that we physically can hold and like, maybe in an ideal world that would translate to people not hoarding millions or getting paid stupid amounts of money. *Dreaming*

Speaking of stupid money, time for a personal gripe but okay I really dislike Mission Bay. Sure I suppose it’s pretty enough but I can’t stand the atmosphere of when you go down there. It’s usually full of teenagers peacocking and it’s all sort of contrived and obnoxious.  On top of that the shops are silly expensive and despite all the ‘glamour’ (or maybe because of it) they have security guards patrolling the street at night. Today I realised though that maybe my ‘bad juju’ feels for Mission Bay are not unfounded. It was after watching a doco in a tutorial on the Bastion Point conflict and seeing a girl in my class cry because her family lost their homes during that period that I started thinking about how gross and ridiculous Mission Bay etc actually is. Not only does the area have a horrible (stolen) past but to then have some of the priciest homes in Auckland spring up there? Gross wealth is right.

And so before it gets too heavy I’ll leave you with this:


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