The Fridge

The FridgeLucy at The Fridge

Everyone knows that The Fridge does amazing counter food and ridiculously good (if pricey) pies. But what about the cooked menu? A while back I decided to take my little sister Lucy out for breakfast to see if it’s worth as much hype.

Heading in Lucy’s one request was Hash Browns. It turns out that when you’re in Kingsland, Hash Browns or even Rosti are pretty hard to come by. But after trying every single other cafe in Kingsland we were set on going to The Fridge and so compromised and bought their ‘Hash Cakes.’ To round out the meal Lucy ordered Scrambled Eggs and I ordered Corn Fritters with Bacon.

Corn Fritters at The FridgeScrambled Eggs at The Fridge

When the food arrived we found it to be quite tasty but not really worth the hefty price tag. Lucy’s Scrambled Eggs were perfectly cooked but the presence of Chives in the mix put Miss Seven off and the staff forgot to put toast on the plate. The Hash Cakes were yummy enough but at the end of the day I’m not a fan of fried mash potato so would probably not reorder them. Finally my Corn Fritters were yummy enough but a little dry. They would have benefited hugely from a relish on the side but alas I placated myself with Tomato Sauce.

I feel like I should say that it wasn’t an untasty meal – rather it was pretty yummy. But when you’re paying in the high $teens for simple breakfast items that it needs to have a little x factor. The Fridge, I still love your counter food but I don’t think I’ll be ordering a cooked breakfast from there again.

Lucy Leaving The Fridge


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  1. I agree. I only come or the pricey pies and wraps. A pie and a wrap takeaway has saved me many times after a big night out. Consistently good but a treat and still cheaper than a cooked breakfast.

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