Four Eyes

Photo on 11-04-13 at 4.1224014 PMHave you ever sat in a room while the sun goes down and not realised until you suddenly wonder why you’ve been sitting in the dark? I feel like that’s a bit like my eye sight. When I was at school I always had perfect eye sight – I was actually pretty proud of it. But then uni came and working in an office and over the past couple of years I found my eye sight steadily deteriorating. But like going to the dentist (someone make me pay to go I swear), I didn’t really do much about it. Occasionally I’d have a moan about how I couldn’t see anything but it just wasn’t a crucial purchase.

That was until Uni started up again for the year and I realised that I actually couldn’t see the board very well anymore. If that wasn’t enough encouragement, my work mate Tori turned up at work one day with her new frames – her beautiful new Zambesi frames. I tried them on and became obsessed. Because okay, this may sound strange but I have a really big head and I find it quite hard to find glasses that fit in proportion to my massive skull.


But lets face it, Zambesi frames aren’t really in this student’s budget so I had to get realistic. My first stop was OPSM and boy oh boy was it disappointing. The only glasses big enough for my face turned out to be Ray Bans and they weren’t going to be cheap either.

Then I went into Specsavers. I’ll tell you something, I didn’t really want to. I’d heard horrible things about the service and hidden costs but then a pair of glasses caught my eye. They were the first pair I saw and when I put them on they were perfect.

Collette Dinnigan

The above frames are part of Collette Dinnigan’s recently released range of eyewear, available at Specsavers. Turns out they’re a pretty good dupe for the Zambesi frames, but even better, they’re part of Specsavers ‘2 pairs of designer frames for $300’ deal. Within moments of first trying the glasses on I had booked an eye test and picked a pair of Alex Perry Sunglasses as my second pair. The only extra cost turned out to be the eye test (which damn since they’re doing half price eye tests at the moment!).

After going in for the test and paying for everything the hardest part was the wait – with Easter in the way I had to wait for 13 days to get my new babies but Voila! This is the final product.

Photo on 11-04-13 at 4.1234035 PM

Photo on 11-04-13 at 4.1556780 PM

I have to say, I’m pretty stoked with my new glasses, it’s amazing to see just how much I haven’t been seeing! Four Eyes Convert!


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