Things that are GOOD Friday: 44


Happy Birthday Week to Mama Madicattt and Little Miss Lucy!!

This week has been the week of head table feels. Assignment due today, Assignment due on Monday, huge deadline at work and I’m about to head off to the Coromandel for the weekend to do some filming. AHHHHH! So my things that are good are all just things that will make you sigh good.

One of the recent topics that has come up when I go and express all my *white girl problems* to my counsellor is sleep. (Counsellor/ Councillor? Always confuses me..anyway). And I’m pretty sure that I’m not alone in thinking I have fairly crapola sleep patterns. But maybe they’re not crap – research in the UK suggests that lying awake in bed at night is good for you. Woah. So read this article and feel better about yourself.

Another thing that will make you feel good about yourself or more, your locks, and probably more if you’re a girl is if you go out and buy yourself some O&M hair product. We bought some for my mother for her birthday which she kindly let me sample and WOAH. I’ll definitely be blogging about this at some point but for the moment just know that it’s amazing!!! and available at Stephen Marr salons.

I have a pretty love hate relationship with snow. It’s kind of redundant since it doesn’t ever snow where I live… but okay I hate being cold, I cry when I get rained on (yeah yeah I’m pathetic) but I LOVE snowflakes. Things like this are why. Look at how pretty and surreal they are! How can you hate that?

Oh and um, last but not least. This guy wants to be a Maxi Pad. Just read it. Watch it. Experience.


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