Onemana Photo Diary


Over the weekend I had to go down to Onemana. I say had to because I was feeling pretty resistant. With an assignment due on Friday, one yesterday and two due next Monday I was feeling pretty stretched. But Tell Tale Theatre were filming for the play I’m working on (Hell’s Teeth – keep your ears open!) and it had to be done.

That’s how I was feeling until I got there at least.


Driving down on Friday night I had no idea what to expect. But the next morning we woke up to light and bush streaming through our windows. The view above sitting outside the lounge and kitchen area.

The shoot location for the day was the beach. Leah, whose family farm we were staying at had suggested the location because they had private beach access. For what we were working with the isolation was going to be perfect but I didn’t quite expect that it would look as good as this:


It was a long day, including horses, and rafts and even a bit of water. Holly was not impressed. 


That night we went back to the house for Chilli Con Carne. I worked away on my assignment while the others talked about star signs and the play.  Some of the cast had to go back up to Auckland that night, which looked a little like this.

Leaving Onemana

The next day it was my turn to get in front of the camera. The day before I’d been mostly behind the camera and fetching food and what not so it was quite nice to have a spin.


By the way, it’s just make up! Before we left we managed to fit in one last trip to the beach and a quick dip before piling back into the cars. Refreshed, exhausted, happy. Thank you so much to Leah and her family for letting us stay and credits to Sigi and Damien for taking some of the photos. It was an amazing stay.







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